Our History


For many of our members, the focus this year was on gray water use in landscaping.  We met regularly to study the use of gray water in other states and countries and even went to Building Code meetings in Sacramento on the subject.  Our Earth Day booth featured gray water and we held a workshop at the Cozmic Cafe to educate the public on gray water use in landscaping. 

We also sponsored our first Crash Course 0n local issues and participated in the Upper Room’s “Adopt a Day”.



Much of this year was spent trying to get Charlie Brown to represent us in Congress.  We held rallies, distributed bumper stickers, had a fundraiser with Nancy Cassidy at he Cozmic Cafe, registered voters, held bake sales and a rummage sale, and hand-wrote and addressed 10,000 postcards on Charlie’s behalf.  He did not win but we had no regrets over our efforts.

We also had an Earth Day booth and sponsored 2 films, “Sicko” and a Martin Luther King feature.

2007    We sponsored several community films this year, including “An Inconvenient Truth”, “The Corporation”, and “Who Killed the Electric Car?” with 2 electric car owners on hand for a Q & A session. 

We started educating the public about our Congressman, John Doolittle, and his dismal record of representing us. We distributed DUMP DOOLITTLE bumper stickers and had a booth at the Diamond Springs Bazaar featuring information about Doolittle’s record.


We mounted a vigorous campaign to replace John Doolittle with Charlie Brown.  We sponsored a Doolittle Watch, rallies, fundraising, walked precincts, bumper stickers, letters to the editors, voter registration, bake sales, and a giant fundraiser featuring local dance band “Late for Dinner”.  We hand-addressed and wrote 5,000 postcards to independent voters.

In addition, we sponsored an anti-war film, a vigil on Main St, and a table at Earth Day.


We started our energetic Dump Doolittle campaign even though many people said he could not be dislodged.  We supported the local “No Gridlock” efforts and walked precincts for BOS candidate Norma Santiago in Tahoe.  We also launched the Progressive Alliance, a loose organization of progressive groups in our local area.  The response was positive and we held a few meetings where these various groups were represented.  This resulted in the Progressive Alliance Calendar, a monthly publication with news of events, meetings, etc. so we can all support each other’s efforts.  The calendar has been an outstanding success and continues with no end in sight.


The Coalition for Change held its first public meeting in March at the Cozmic Cafe.  Its primary goal was to defeat Bush and elect John Kerry as President of the U.S.  The response in this conservative area was very positive.  We averaged 50-60 at our monthly meetings and at least 100 on our volunteer roster. Between February and October we sponsored or participated in 22 community meetings, 4  C4C public meetings, 27 C4C steering committee meetings, 6 phone banks, 7 tailings, 7 days of walking precincts, 3 rallies, 2 parties, a EDC Fair booth, a fundraiser for Kerry at the Sierra Nevada House, and Camp Lotus.  We were rocking’ and rollin”!


In the late Fall, a group of Move On members showed up at John and Leslie Sellman-Sant’s house for a showing of “Uncovered: The Truth About the Iraq War.” 

Although we had not met previously, we discovered that each of us had a passion to defeat Bush as our President.  We felt his Presidency had been a total disaster.  One conversation led to another and a few more meetings followed.  After much discussion and brain storming, we decided to launch a new group and call ourselves the Coalition for Change”  The rest is history!