Greetings Friends of Coalition for Change

Originally posted February 2017

We need to apologize for our lack of communication over the past several months.  Initially, we were so devastated by the election that we wondered “What next?”  We were trying to figure out what role (if any) the Coalition could play going forward.  After a meeting of the core C4C we have decided on the following:


~We are not disbanding C4C altho we will not hold regular meetings in the near future.   We have well over 100 volunteers and almost $400. in our kitty.  We want to remain flexible/viable in case something comes up that we need to tackle on our own (i.e. a postcard project).     We are confident that if that happens our members will volunteer to get it done.


~We are going to throw our support and experience to the newly formed group El Dorado Progressives.  This is a Facebook group that has morphed from 7 members in November to over 1,300 today.  It is led by younger, tech savvy folks who are undertaking the monumental task of harnessing the energy of hundreds of progressives.  They have organized many sub working groups (i.e.immigration,  health care, environment, etc.) and all of us in the core group have joined one or more.

If you wish to find out more information on this group, go to or email  The next public meeting is March 12 at 3 p.m.   Location to be decided.


~We will continue to publish the monthly Progressive Alliance Calendar and incorporate the activities of the El Dorado Progressives within it.  In addition, we will make an attempt to send a mid-month email to you outlining all of the actions and events that have popped up since the calendar was sent out at the first of the month.  We are happy to report that the local progressive effort is so dynamic and fluid that there are actions being scheduled continuously. 


Thanks for your continued support.  Hopefully, we will see you in the near future.       Patty and the core C4C group