Earth Day in Placerville


Make your own reusable shopping bags from old t-shirts; no sewing required!

Make your own reusable shopping bags from old t-shirts; no sewing required!

Join us at the main library in Placerville tomorrow, April 23rd, for our annual Earth Day celebration!

We’re supporting SB270, the referendum on California’s Single Use Plastic Bag Ban. We have free reusable bags to hand out and we can teach you how to make your own reusable bags from old t-shirts. We’ll have information for you regarding the referendum.


Earth Day in Placerville is from 10am-4pm at the library and there are booths of all sorts, lots of info, a fun raffle, and always great music!

See “Welcome to Leith”

April 13 Film “Welcome to Leith” screens at the Cozmic Café

This documentary chronicles a white supremacist attempt to take over a small ranching town in N. Dakota. The residents do not take kindly to the attempt and tensions escalate   Doors open at 6 with the film beginning at 6:30   Cozmic Cafe, 594 Main Street, Placerville   $3. Donation appreciated. Contact:

Film: A Fierce Green Fire Screens at the Cozmic Cafe

January 20 Film: A Fierce Green Fire Screens at the Cozmic Cafe

The documentary film series continues at the Cozmic Cafe with “A Fierce Green Fire”. The film is a sweeping history of the environmental movement.  Doors open at 6 with the film beginning at 6:30.  Food service will be open. The film is a week later than our normal schedule due to the Tibetan Monk’s visit to Placerville. Contact:


The Coalition for Change is sponsoring a Crash Course for the Community on September 30 from 6 to 8 pm at the County Office of Education, 6767 Green Valley Road, Placerville. The public is invited to listen and learn as six county leaders speak in ten minute slots on their particular area of expertise.

“This event is not designed as a debate format or an endorsement of any specific issue,” commented Patty Wilson of the Coalition for Change. “Rather, it is simply a fast, easy way for members of our community to become informed on a variety of issues.”

The lineup of speakers is as follows:

Ed Swanson, Veteran Affairs;

Kristin Brinks, Homeless Services;

Brian Veerkamp, All Things Fire;

Alice Cantelow, Gardening With Gray Water;

Rebecca Neves, Placerville’s Main Street Project;

Kevin McAllister, State of Jefferson.

For further information, feel free to contact Patty at

Film Series @ Cozmic Café: Planet Ocean

Our next movie night is May 13!

The film series continued at the Cozmic Cafe on April 8th with a screening of Pay 2 Play. This John Ennis documentary connects the dots between BIG MONEY and our political process. If you missed it, you can find it through Netflix.

Join us for our May 13th screening of Planet Ocean. Door opens at 6 with the movie starting at 6:30. Cozmic Cafe, 594 Main Street, Placerville. Kitchen open until 8. Contact:

Screening @ Coz TONIGHT

trashedJeremy Irons narrates “Trashed” on February 11 at the Cozmic Cafe, 594
Main Street in Placerville. The documentary film focuses on his worldwide quest for garbage, how it affects the human race, and what is being done to repair the extensive damage. Irons travels to several parts of the world to document the amount of human-generated garbage. In most cases, the local governments turn a blind eye to the severe problems the trash is causing. It seems that todayʼs waste is more toxic than it used to be and much of the plastic does not
break down.
Some of the less developed countries have the biggest problems with
garbage as there are no resources to deal with it. “I have seen firsthand
the garbage heaps in Bali right outside the tourist resorts,” comments Patty
Wilson of the Coalition for Change. It is estimated that there are more than
269,000 tons of plastic in our oceans alone.
“What I found most interesting about “Trashed” is the variety of ways that
countries are trying to deal with all the garbage, including giant incinerators
and landfills,” continues Wilson. “Turns out that sometimes the solution
creates more problems than it solves.”
The film ends with several suggestions on how to improve the situation and
California (especially San Francisco) is mentioned as heading in the right
direction. “And now California has a new plastic bag ban so we are really
making progress in addressing the issue,” said Bob Johnson of the Sierra
The documentary film series co-sponsored by the Sierra Club and Coalition
for Change continues to enjoy strong community support. Doors to the
upstairs movie house open at 6 on Feb. 11 with the film starting at 6:30.
A $3. donation is appreciated to help cover the cost of the room rental.
The kitchen at the Cozmic Cafe is open until 8 on film nights and many
folks are happy to enjoy a healthy dinner followed by an informative and
compelling documentary film.
The spring film line-up will feature “Fed Up” on March 11; “Pay 2 Play” on
April 8; “Planet Ocean” on May 13.

Film Night @ Cozmic Cafe 11/12

The documentary film, “A Place at the Table”, will screen at the Cozmic
Cafe, 594 Main Street on November 12. The eye-opening film takes an
unflinching look at hunger in the United States.
Fifty million Americans-1 in 4 children- do not know where their next meal is
coming from. The term “food insecurity” applies to these families. Ending
hunger in the richest country in the world is in the best interests of all.
The problem is not that the U.S. does not produce enough food; the
problem is that many communities either donʼt have access to fresh fruits
and vegetables (these areas called food deserts) or they canʼt afford them.
The cost of fresh produce has increased by 40% since 1980 while the cost
of processed junk food has decreased by the same amount.
Ironically, Mississippi has the highest rate of food insecurity and also the
highest rate of obesity in the U.S. Also ironically, the U.S. ranks worst
among developed nations for food insecurity.
“A Place at the Table” uses historical context, facts and figures, and first
hand interviews to shine the spotlight on hunger in the U.S. Bob Johnson
of the Sierra Club noted, “We could solve this problem if our politicians had
the political will to do so.”
“Living where we do, it is hard to imagine children in our community going
to bed hungry but I am certain that is the case,” commented Patty Wilson of
the Coalition for Change. “For this November showing, we will be donating
any funds collected over the cost of the room rental to our local food
On an additional note, the 13th annual “Empty Bowls Supper” will be held
on Saturday, November 15 at St. Patrickʼs Parish Hall, 3109 Sacramento
Street, Placerville. The supper raises funds to combat hunger by
supporting one local and one international organization each year. Last
yearʼs event raised more than $15,000.
Folks from the “Empty Bowls” committee will be on hand at the movie to
answer questions and and give out information about the supper. “I feel
grateful that we have 3 local groups – the Sierra Club, Coalition for Change,
and Empty Bowls – all working toward the same goal of ending hunger,”
says Wilson. “We are blessed to live in such a giving and caring
The door for the film opens at 6 with “A Place at the Table” beginning at
6:30. A $3. donation would be appreciated. The kitchen is open until 8 on
movie nights but you are encouraged to place your order early as they
have been very busy the past couple of movie screenings.
The winter film line-up is as follows: December 10, “Wrenched”; January
21, “Trashed”; February 11, DamNation.
For additional information contact