Next C4C Meeting!

February 24 Coalition for Change Meeting

The agenda includes discussion/updates on Covered California Health Care, the
film series, Rural Communities United, the Foothill Post, and other topics of local
interest. 6:15 (new start time), Raleyʼs, Placerville Dr., Placerville Contact:

Films @ The Cozmic

film-20140210Dirt! The Movie screens at the Cozmic Cafe, 594 Main St. in Placerville this Wednesday, February 12.  Co-sponsored by the Coalition for Change and the Sierra Club, this entertaining and informative documentary explores our historical and current relationship
with dirt. Humans need good soil to survive. Doors open at 6 with the film starting at 6:30. Food service at the Cozmic ends at 6:00. Suggested donation $3. Contact: or

The support for these monthly films has been great. Here’s a peek at the audience from January’s film Genetic Roulette.


Genetic Roulette screens at the Cozmic Cafe

January 22 Genetic Roulette screens at the Cozmic Cafe

The independent film series sponsored by the Sierra Club and Coalition for Change will kick off the New Year with Genetic Roulette, a scathing look at Genetically Engineered Foods and the threat they pose to our health.

Doors open at 6; movie starts at 6:30. Food service ends at 6.

Cozmic Cafe, 594 Main St., Placerville Suggested donation: $3.

Contact: or

Save a spot on your calendar for these upcoming films:

movies x1

Covered California Outreach Continues!

covered-ca-tablingThe Coalition for Change, Covered California Community Outreach Network Partners will be tabling at the following locations through March 29th:

 Placerville Main Library:

Tuesdays 1:00-4:00

Saturdays 11:00-3:30

Cameron Park Library: 

Thursdays 4:00-6:00

El Dorado Hills Library:

Saturdays 3:00-5:00


For more information contact John or Kathy McCoy at (530) 642-8511

Our Efforts for Covered California

The Coalition for Change, a Covered California Partner, is off to a strong start. Twelve members and friends have been trained as Partners using the “101 Deck”, an explanatory set of slides explaining and demonstrating the benefits of the Affordable Care Act in California. Our group is associated with the University of California Davis through Organizing for Action. However, we are not currently associated with an “entity” which would provide for us to be certified to do enrollment or counseling. We are a source of information, guiding people to the web, to the call centers and to the County Department of Health and Human Services where they can get answers to their questions and enroll by phone, on-line or through the mail – yes there is a paper application. We are currently tabling at the Placerville and Cameron Park libraries, not yet having found some partners in El Dorado Hills. People who are very interested in getting themselves or their family members signed up have not been the least bit shy about approaching our table. We are reaching a critical mass where we can begin to table at local events. We have applied through a new program currently being developed, to be trained to speak to local groups. Anyone wishing to join, even if your commitment is only a day or two a month should contact John McCoy (530) 642-8511.



Finally, we can offer some training for those of you wishing to help bring affordable health care to EDC.  John and Kathy McCoy are offering two trainings in their home in El Dorado. There may be more trainings scheduled in the future.  If you wish to attend, please RSVP to John at   The following invite is from John:

For all you caring friends,
We are finally ready to offer training for our outreach and education volunteers.  Our training will be as Coalition for Change, a partner with the Community Outreach Network.  We will be able to table at many places, helping people get through the basic concepts and guiding them through the website and its excellent benefits calculator.  We will pass our clients on to Certified Enrollment Councilors (who may get paid) or to several options.
The training is informal.  Janet Ives, Kathy and I have been through enough training in Sacramento to train the rest of you.  I propose to do the training at our house in groups of six with plenty of interaction.  This also allows a chance to fit your schedule.
Monday evening September 16  6:30 to 8:30 PM
Sunday afternoon September 22  2:00 PM to 4:00PM
Please RSVP with which date or dates you can make.  Then we can divide into groups of 6.  More training can be scheduled.
We will go through the training material on the big screen and each will receive the printed material with handouts.  Currently Covered California cannot supply material that is all available on the websites.  Thus our printing cost will be about $5 to $10 for each of you.  This is the only obligation for each of you except cookies to share.


It was standing room only for the first film in the series we’re sponsoring with the local Sierra Club.  “Last Call at the Oasis” sounds the alarm about the most pressing water issues our world faces for the foreseeable future.  Because the room was so crowded for the Sept. 11 film, we’ll try to show our next film twice during October.  Quite a few high schoolers showed up to earn extra credit and we plan to encourage this by contacting local high school teachers.  Our next film, “Chasing Ice”, uses time-lapsed photography to document the speed at which the world’s glaciers are disappearing.
This film won many awards and combines a human interest story with science and stunning photography.  It is a must see. Stay tuned as we get the dates settled for October.


A few of us gathered in Placerville for a meet and greet with Leisa Faulkner, founder of Children’s Hope in Haiti.  We also met her family and an activist from Haiti.  Twice a year they take bags of medical supplies to some of the poorest areas in this impoverished country.  It was an interesting and inspiring evening… leaving us wondering how we could help in the future.


Members of your Coalition for Change have been involved in the following activities this month:

*Bringing the Affordable Health Care Plan to California
Kathy and John McCoy are taking the lead for us on this huge undertaking. They have attended webinars, read and made copies of pertinent information, and participated in informational meetings.  Still, the whole process remains an elusive moving target!  Education and outreach efforts begin in September with enrollment starting in October.  The full program kicks in on January 1.  We are encouraging you to visit the website to learn all that you can about the new law,  job opportunities, and how you might be able to help.  As soon as we can offer you something specific in the way of training or activities we will let you know.

**Partnering with the Sierra Club to kick off our independent film series on Sept. 11.  We have been involved with publicity; writing and submitting a press release and distributing flyers and handbills.  Scroll below to the Aug. 14 post to read about our first offering on Sept. 11, “Last Call at the Oasis”.
This film makes a compelling argument about why the WATER crisis will be the most crucial issue of our time.
Future films are:    October 9  “Chasing Ice”
                            November 13  “We Are Not Broke”
The film series will run the second Wednesday of the month at the Cozmic Cafe as long as there is good public support.  Doors open at 6, movie begins at 6:30.  Cozmic food service ends at 6. Hope to see you there!

**Several of us have been participating with Rural Communities United under the leadership of Bill Center and Jim Moore (the Measure Y guys).
The presentation to the BOS on Aug. 26 was jam packed with concerned citizens.  The power point clearly showed how runaway development of huge housing projects would adversely affect the lives of those of us who already live here… especially the resulting gridlock traffic.  The BOS was receptive to our message and directed the planning staff to meet with a small group from RCU to come up with some accurate numbers and suggestions.  This is going to be an ongoing issue for the next year or so.  Check out the fledgling website at to find out what is going on.