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The ballot statements are in for the local measures, and you can preview them all on a new county webpage – click HERE for the link.  Even though you will see a statement there for the Region Builders’ Measure N, this past week they withdrew support for it! – see the Mountain Dem article by D Hodson
Things look good for Measure M, but we’re not home free.  The Chamber of Commerce and Parker Development will oppose any initiative that limits increased residential development, and ‘M’ will STOP  Marble Valley/Lime Rock Valley, San Stino, the EDH golf course rezone, and Dixon Ranch in their tracks.  
‘M’ is striking fear in the big developers because it is so straightforward and ‘readable’ by average voters that it will pass as long as we can reach them.  We need to spread the word.  We need signs, and we need help from you to make them happen.  The large campaign signs you see around the county are about $50 each – your donations this week and next will go toward their purchase.  We have a growing volunteer team to put these signs up all over the county, and if you want to help, or have a visible property to post them on, let us know!  Make a donation, and/or contact RCU to join us!
Please forward this to neighbors and friends, groups and clubs, and anyone who wishes to stop these huge residential subdivisions and prevent gridlock on our roads & highways.  Spread the word to get on the RCU email list for updates!
Ellen Van Dyke for Rural Communities United

Greetings C4C!

Your core team is all over the map… literally.  We could use some help/support in the following efforts:

1.  VOTER REGISTRATION     This is a mid term election so enthusiasm is not running high.  However, for our area there are Board of Supervisor races and Measure M.  The outcomes will have a direct impact on our lifestyles so get informed and help get out the vote. We need help registering voters.  This is an easy gig and we can place you with an experienced person if you have never registered voters. We will supply materials.
Thurs. Aug. 28 from 10-2 at our local Folsom Lake College campus during their orientation.
Tues. Sept. 23 is National Registration Day.  We will be partnering with the League of Women Voters at the Placerville and EDHills Libraries from 12-4.  (Cameron Park Library will be closed for refurbishing).
Farmer’s Markets-We hope to be at a few different ones mid Sept. thru mid Oct.
Please let us know if you can help!
2.  FILM SERIES    We are launching the second year of the film series co-sponsored with the Sierra Club.  We are kicking off with “Inequality for All” Sept. 10, followed by “End of the Line” Oct. 8, and “A Place at the Table” Nov. 12.  Check your Progressive Alliance Calendars for descriptions of each film. Post the flyers if you can and show up for the films.
3.  ART MOORE   is a Republican running against Tom McClintock.  He was our guest at the July C4C meeting and is personable, young and energetic.  On social issues such as gay rights and women’s right he is not as conservative as his website professes.  We agreed that he would be a much better representative for District 4 than McClintock.  He will need widespread progressive/Dem support if he hopes to unseat McClintock.  C4C is non-partisan so we had in mind setting up a “meet and greet” for Art and inviting everyone from the progressive community to attend.  What do you think about that idea?  Would you and/or your group be willing to attend?  Co-sponsor?  The reality is… we will only have Republican choices in many upcoming elections so we might as well get onboard with voting for the best Republican for us.

4.  MEASURE M   has qualified for the Nov. ballot.  Below is the website and contact info for this group.  Even if, like me, you do not have a huge housing development planned for your immediate area, these projects would add thousands of cars to our roadways.  I don’t think any of us wants to be held hostage by gridlock.traffic.  Please contribute whatever you can for the signage needed to get the word out. A 4 X 8 sign runs about $50.   I plan to contribute $25. this month and $25. next month.

If you can help in any other way, ask to be on their email list and they will keep you posted on what is needed.  We are confident that this measure will pass as long as voters have a clear understanding of the initiative.  This is super IMPORTANT!

June Meeting Notes

June 23 C4C meeting
The recent election results were front and center in our discussion. We tossed
around ideas regarding what we might want to do in the run-up to the Nov. election.
We will start registering voters in Sept. and invite Art Moore, McClintockʼs opponent, to
speak at our July 28 meeting.

May Meeting Notes

May 24 C4C meeting
After an Earth Day wrap up, we discussed our ongoing efforts with Covered
California and the film series co-sponsored with the Sierra Club. Both “side” projects
have been very successful. We experienced a small financial bump from the film series.
The film series will kick off its second year on Sept. 10 with a screening of “Inequality for
All” at the Cozmic Cafe.

Earth Day 2014

Patty runs the show!Another successful Earth Day in Placerville, CA! After a rainy Friday (rain that didn’t stop until the wee hours of Saturday), we joined lots of other hearty El Doradans on the green at the library for an interesting, musical, and yes- at times sunny, Earth Day! We talked to folks about the danger facing the Monarch butterfly migration in North America. Due to loss, by upwards of 50%, of milkweed, the “nursery” and initial food source for Monarchs, the numbers of migrating (and pollinating) Monarchs has dropped drastically in the last few years. More information can be found online here: http://worldwildlife.org/species/monarch-butterfly  (Thanks to Patty for her original butterfly art that adorned our booth!)

With us again this year were Paul and Dolly, the worm people. They are rock stars at Earth Day as every child excitedly takes her/his turn digging through the worm compost bin in search of worms.

Paul the worm manBee people too!

We were joined by the Beekeepers of El Dorado on our other side. They had live bees and were able to give visitors a lot of information about how a hive functions as well as the dangers facing the bee population and by association the danger to our own food supply.

All in all, a very interesting, thought provoking, community event. See you next year!

Next C4C Meeting!

February 24 Coalition for Change Meeting

The agenda includes discussion/updates on Covered California Health Care, the
film series, Rural Communities United, the Foothill Post, and other topics of local
interest. 6:15 (new start time), Raleyʼs, Placerville Dr., Placerville Contact:

Films @ The Cozmic

film-20140210Dirt! The Movie screens at the Cozmic Cafe, 594 Main St. in Placerville this Wednesday, February 12.  Co-sponsored by the Coalition for Change and the Sierra Club, this entertaining and informative documentary explores our historical and current relationship
with dirt. Humans need good soil to survive. Doors open at 6 with the film starting at 6:30. Food service at the Cozmic ends at 6:00. Suggested donation $3. Contact: coal4change@gmail.com or twoperigrines@yahoo.com

The support for these monthly films has been great. Here’s a peek at the audience from January’s film Genetic Roulette.


Genetic Roulette screens at the Cozmic Cafe

January 22 Genetic Roulette screens at the Cozmic Cafe

The independent film series sponsored by the Sierra Club and Coalition for Change will kick off the New Year with Genetic Roulette, a scathing look at Genetically Engineered Foods and the threat they pose to our health.

Doors open at 6; movie starts at 6:30. Food service ends at 6.

Cozmic Cafe, 594 Main St., Placerville Suggested donation: $3.

Contact: coal4change@gmail.com or twoperigrines@yahoo.com

Save a spot on your calendar for these upcoming films:

movies x1

Covered California Outreach Continues!

covered-ca-tablingThe Coalition for Change, Covered California Community Outreach Network Partners will be tabling at the following locations through March 29th:

 Placerville Main Library:

Tuesdays 1:00-4:00

Saturdays 11:00-3:30

Cameron Park Library: 

Thursdays 4:00-6:00

El Dorado Hills Library:

Saturdays 3:00-5:00


For more information contact John or Kathy McCoy at (530) 642-8511